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Summer Safety Tips For All Drivers

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Jun 19, 2015 4:02:00 PM

bigstock-Young-pretty-women-leaning-out-56008817Unfortunately, the primary cause for preventable injuries and deaths on roads are due to vehicle accidents. Staying safe on the roads of Florida requires attention and diligence, especially during the summer. It takes the carefulness of someone who appreciates their role in the chaos that is traffic whether it be in the city, country or suburban areas. Summer safety on the roads and highways, especially in the central areas of the state, means following the laws and guidelines and encouraging others to follow them, too. Each type of vehicle, whether powered by an engine or muscle, has certain rules of the road and they must be followed as this is what is expected from others.  Not doing so will create an uncertainty in them as it will for you in the same situation.

Safety Tips for All Drivers

All drivers must follow the law and assist others to do so.  Not doing this can be a reason or cause for most common accidents.  These guidelines will include:

  • Turn signals far enough ahead to allow other drivers to recognize what is happening.

  • All non controlled intersections are four way stops.

  • Stop before entering the street or highway from a private driveway or road.

  • Give the right of way to pedestrians.

  • Stop and give assistance and/or call authorities for any accident witnessed.

  • Do not tail gate as this makes the leading driver nervous and not as stable as they could be.

  • Drivers who are becoming drowsy should get off the road for a while and relax.  

  • Do not drive under the influence.

  • Do not text and drive.

  • Always wear a seat belt.

  • Perform timely safety checks on vehicles (operational, tires, oil, etc.)


These are the most common vehicles on the streets and roads and each driver is charged with following the rules of the law.  For summer safety on the road, drivers must acknowledge there are more people out there.  

  • Follow the speed limit.

  • Leave a distance of at least two cars in between your car and the vehicle in front of you.

  • Give bicycles, scooters and pedestrians the right of way.

  • Be extra cautious when driving in inclement weather.


One of the issues dealing with summer safety and motorcycles is that, many times, car, truck and bus drivers do not seem them.  

  • They should always be positioned outside of the other vehicles’ blind spot.  

  • Driving two abroad should not be done and, of course, stay off of sidewalks and other pedestrian areas, as well.

  • Helmets should always be worn and headlights are to be on at all times.  

  • Proper gear will help prevent injuries in case of an accident.  

  • Look for problems around construction zones, such as pooling water, sudden drop offs and trucks moving slowly into and out of sites.


Bicycles are at the biggest disadvantage of all other vehicles on the road. In fact, Florida cities like Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami are some of the most dangerous cities for bicyclists and pedestrians.

  • Always watch your surroundings and look both ways before crossing any intersections. This vehicle does not have the speed, power or, occasionally, the maneuverability that other means of transportation have. 

  • Wear bright clothing, a helmet and reflective gear when riding, especially at night.

  • Never ride in the opposite direction of traffic. Bicyclists that do not drive the same way as surrounding traffic are much more likely to get into accidents.

  • Use bike lanes instead of sidewalks.


In big college towns like Gainesville and Tallahassee, scooters are everywhere.

  • Do not drive a scooter in inclement weather.

  • Scooter drivers need to stay off sidewalks.

  • Scooters should only be on roads where they can keep up with the speed of surrounding motorized vehicles.

  • Although helmets are not required for scooters that do not exceed 30 mph, it is highly recommended.

Big Trucks

Truck drivers have a lot on their hands when moving in and out of traffic and still have to follow all rules of the road.  Summer safety for them is trained into them as well as how to couple and uncouple their air lines.

  • Trucks will attempt to control the lanes on the right side of them and this is to help to prevent damage to those vehicles coming up on this blind spot, especially when turning right.  

  • The laws governing weight are to be followed to prevent damage to the roadways and this helps, especially in the wet areas, when pulling to a stop.

  • Truck drivers should avoid the use of any device that'll distract their attention away from the road.

  • Sleep is required. Having a drowsy truck driver on the road can be fatal to the trucker or any nearby driver.


Whether these are school, community mass transit or pleasure vehicles, they are big and take up a bit of room on the road.  They should be given a lot of leeway when moving around or passing them.  

  • As usual, passing a school bus while red lights are flashing should not be attempted.

  • The driver of the bus should have everyone seated in order to see all around the bus.  This is often hard as many times these buses will be local sports teams going to or from a game and might be rather rowdy.

  • Like trucks, bus drivers will use the right lane to prevent an accident from another vehicle in a blind spot.

  • Bus drivers should be extra cautious when crossing train tracks.

In the event an accident occurs, drivers will need the services of a professional, knowledgeable lawyer to represent them regardless of the cause or who is to blame. Contacting Steven A. Bagan Law Firm will help vehicle owners get back to their life easier as they recover from this type of inconvenience. If these summer safety driving tips are practiced, the chances of a driver getting into an accident is greatly decreased.Contact Steven Bagen Gainesville Ocala personal injury lawyer