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Why You Should Never Accept Cash from an At-Fault Driver on the Scene

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Sep 27, 2021 2:00:00 PM

When car accidents happen, adrenaline, stress, and shock can keep you from thinking clearly in the immediate aftermath. That’s why accepting cash from an at-fault drive might seem like a good idea at that moment. After all, you need your car, you’ll need to pay for repairs as quickly as possible to get it back on the road, and insurance claims and settlements can take forever and feel like a giant hassle. 

However, if you’re ever faced with this - a driver who hits you and offers you cash on the spot to pay for damages instead of filing a claim with insurance - it’s best to go through the red tape to make sure you are getting all the compensation you are entitled to.

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Topics: Car Accidents, Personal Injury Law

How to Tell if Your Loved One Is Suffering Nursing Home Abuse

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Aug 26, 2021 10:19:22 AM

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When you place your loved ones into a care facility or nursing home, it’s hard to imagine any harm coming to them. After all, these places make their living on the care and treatment of elderly individuals. Unfortunately, the mistreatment and neglect of the elderly are all too common, even in nursing homes. 

According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 6 people 60 years and older experience abuse each year.1 And in care facilities such as nursing homes, it’s especially common with 2 out of 3 staff members reporting incidences of abuse in the past year. 

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Topics: Nursing Home Abuse, Personal Injury Law

Boating Safety: How to Stay Safe on the Water this Summer

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Jul 20, 2021 10:00:00 AM

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Recreational boating is a great way to get out on the water with your friends and family, but it’s important to make good choices and take precautions to avoid turning your day in the sun into a day at the hospital. 

Boating accidents can lead to significant physical and emotional injuries. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, 5,265 boating accidents occurred in 2020, resulting in over 3,000 injuries and 767 deaths. The numbers were higher last year due to the pandemic and will potentially increase this year as well, with everyone itching to get outside and see their friends and loved ones. For this reason, it’s more important now than ever to use good judgment and take extra care to keep safe while cruising the water this summer. 

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Topics: Boating Accidents, Personal Injury Law

Safe Biking for Fun and Fitness

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Jul 7, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Untitled design (5)Using human power rather than gas to get around makes a lot of sense, especially in Gainesville and Ocala where the weather is great for biking. Safety is a big concern, though, even in the quietest neighborhoods.

When a vehicle strikes a biker, there is nothing between the biker and the road, and the risk of serious injury is very high. When biking it’s always best to buddy up, and bike with a friend. Let others know where you are going, and what route you plan to take.

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Topics: Personal Injury Law, bike safety

FAQs About Injury Claims Involving a Family Member

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Dec 7, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Just when you thought family dinner couldn’t get any more painful than the unprompted political discussion, it happens: the unthinkable occurs. Uncle Joe backs into your modest sedan with his towering pickup truck. Your car is totaled and you are hurt to boot. You need to file an injury claim for compensation. 

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Topics: Personal Injury Law

Injured in a DUI Accident? Here Are 8 Things You Need to Know!

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Dec 2, 2020 5:39:37 PM

You may be one of the many responsible drivers that avoids operating any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, not everyone is, and because you cannot control other drivers’ decisions, there is always the risk that one day you may be involved in a DUI accident. If you find yourself injured in an accident of this type, here are eight things you should know and be ready for. 

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Topics: DUI

What is a Property Damage Claim?

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Sep 16, 2020 3:01:00 PM

The complexities of insurance policies could confuse anyone. While some policies cover certain types of damage, other policies will not touch a particular type of damage. Worse, the names of some policies might lead you tobelieve you are covered when, in fact, you are not covered.

This is particularly frustrating when you want reimbursement for car repairs in case of an accident. You may need to involve a personal injury lawyer when you need to collect your due from a property damage claim. An experienced property damage attorney can make all the difference when it comes to receiving fair compensation.

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Topics: Car Accidents, Personal Injury Law, property damage

Am I Liable if My Child Is Involved in a Car Accident?

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Sep 14, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for young people. By the same token, worrying while their teens venture out on their own is a rite of passage for every parent. A less joyful, but arguably as memorable, moment in every young driver’s life is their first car accident. Car accidents involving teen drivers can bring up a lot of questions, the most common for parents (after “Are you okay?”) being: Am I liable for this? Read on to learn more about if and when parents are liable for their children's accidents.

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Topics: Car Accidents, Truck Accidents

What to Do After a Bicycle Crash

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Aug 28, 2020 11:32:00 AM

Bicycle rides are a terrific way to save money on your daily commute and get some valuable cardio. However, there are also some risks associated with riding bikes, one of the biggest dangers being other drivers’ difficulty seeing bicycle riders. A bicycle crash can happen in the blink of an eye, and can be more life threatening than a vehicular collision due to the rider’s lack of protection. Before you set out, it is important to know what to do after an accident. Understanding what you must do can preserve important evidence and help you protect your rights.

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Topics: Personal Injury, Bicycle Accidents

What to Expect In a Car Accident Deposition and How to Prepare

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Aug 7, 2020 11:25:00 AM

If you have experienced a vehicle accident, whether by your design or by that of the other party involved in the crash, you may find yourself involved in a court case. Once your case is filed in court, you will be required to answer questions under oath for the insurance company’s lawyers.

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Topics: Car Accidents, Personal Injury