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My Employer Has Me Work off of the Clock Quite Often. Is this Legal?

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Oct 3, 2013 4:24:00 AM

A woman was strolling down a Florida street on a sunny afternoon when she noticed a weary looking man with a defeated expression on his face ambling in her direction; out of sympathy, the woman asked the man if he was alright. The man confessed that he had suffered through another long fifteen hour work day—the fourth of that week alone. Satisfied with the answer, the woman gave the hard-working man a look of admiration and a respectful nod, and then she started to walk away—until the man muttered to himself that he only wished that his boss would pay him for the eight extra hours that he worked nearly every day; the woman immediately froze and turned around at the statement.

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Topics: Federal Minimum Wage Law