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Should I Give the Insurance Company a Recorded Statement?

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Dec 31, 2013 10:30:00 AM

insurance_adjusterAfter being involved in a car accident, you have a lot running through your mind. You barely make it home from the emergency room or from a visit to your doctor and you have insurance representatives calling you or coming to your home, asking for a recorded statement. Even though the individual might seem polite, he or she keeps pressuring you for a statement. Now, you face the decision of what you should do. Many worry about losing their insurance or forfeiting their claim if they aren’t cooperative.

So, what should you do in this situation?

Your Obligation to the Insurance Company

It is imperative that you quickly identify which insurance company it is that wants your recorded statement. Legally, you are obligated to provide your own carrier with a recorded statement, but not the other party involved. When you purchased your insurance, you signed a contract, even if you purchased your policy on the Internet. The contract will usually state that you must agree to cooperate with your insurance company. This means that you are going to provide them with a recorded statement. Failing to cooperate with the company could cause your policy to be cancelled or voided.

How Steven A. Bagen & Associates can Help You

Once you have retained an attorney, the insurance representatives will communicate directly with your attorney, not you. The best thing you can do when someone asks you for a recorded statement is to let them know that you have retained Steven A. Bagen & Associates and leave the rest to your attorney.

Once the insurance provider has been alerted to the fact that you have retained Steven A. Bagen & Associates, they have to speak with them to set a time for you to provide your recorded statement. You are in the right when you tell them that they have to discuss the matter with your attorney and decline to give the statement at that time. Let your lawyer handle the rest of details regarding your statement.

The majority of the time, you aren’t obligated to provide any statements to the other party’s insurance provider. Unlike your own provider, you didn’t sign any agreements with the other company. Certain instances exist where you are obligated to provide your statement to the other carrier, especially if you are looking to receive a payment from their carrier. However, this is something your attorney can handle for you.

Be Firm, But Polite

It’s always a nice idea to be helpful when it comes to informing the carrier that they need to speak with your attorney at Steven A. Bagen & Associates. Be polite, but firm, in sending them away. If you find the adjustor is acting in a rude or aggressive manner, avoid getting into an argument so as not to jeopardize your case.

Remember that in the same manner as Steven A. Bagen & Associates understands what your recourse and rights are, the same is true for the insurance provider. If you are involved in a heated debate with the representative from the other party’s insurance provider, it's possible that the provider will not be as willing to make a reasonable offer for your claim, a reality that may delay your settlement.

What Is the Purpose of the Recorded Statement?

Several reasons exist as to why insurance companies ask for recoded statements from those who have been injured in an auto accident. There are often instances involving a legitimate issue that needs to be addressed and the only way to do so is with a recorded statement. Other times, the adjustor might just be trying to intimidate or confuse you after the accident. The whole purpose of the statement then becomes a game where the adjustor is working to trick the victim into saying something that can be used against them later on in court. 

By having a lawyer present from Steven A. Bagen & Associates whenever you provide your statement, you don’t have to worry about the insurance company being able to trick you into admitting something that didn’t happen or using your own words against you. Having an accident is difficult enough, but it doesn’t have to be as trying as it seems when you have a lawyer who is working hard to fight for your rights.

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