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How Soon Should I Bring my Personal Injury Claim?

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Dec 27, 2013 8:30:00 AM

insurance claim personal injury attorney GainesvilleBeing injured due to the negligence or intentional conduct of another person or by a place of business is a frustrating situation. Most victims find that being injured is also a confusing time. This is a time when a lot of questions will arise, such as “How soon should I bring my claim?” and “Do I really have grounds for a winning case?”

These are very good and commonly asked questions that Gainesville personal injury lawyer Steven A. Bagen  is both experienced with and happy to answer. Steven A. Bagen Law Firm has offices in Gainesville and Ocala, Florida. Knowing the answer to these commonly asked questions is crucial to developing your case. The answer to these questions are most often presented to personal injury victims in an encouraging manner to first and foremost seek medical help for their injuries. Next, contacting a Gainesville personal injury lawyer will determine if an injury victim has a case.

In Florida and many other states, there are statutes of limitation laws that enforce a specific time frame after an accident or injury that a victim has to file a claim. Florida laws state that victims of personal injury have between two to four years to file a claim. Please note that the nature of an injury and the geographical location can change the statutes limitations. These stipulations change the window of time a person has to file a claim, meaning that it is important to consult with a Gainesville personal injury lawyer immediately.

If an injury is not noticed soon after an accident, the statute of limitations allows people what is known as a "discovery rule." In many cases, some injuries are not noticed at first, and some even take several weeks or months to recognize. This is especially true of medical malpractice injuries and automotive related injuries. The pain from a surgery or other injuries can mask underlying injuries from being noticed. As mentioned, the statute of limitations can change from one state to another, one city from another, as well as change based upon the nature of an injury.

If you find yourself asking, "How soon should I bring my claim?" please remember that the time frames allotted for filing a claim can change. If you live in Gainesville, Ocala, or in the surrounding areas of these Florida cities, you can count on Steven A. Bagen and Associates to provide you with the information you need about the statute of limitations in your area. Bagen Law has helped hundreds of victims both file and win their personal injury claims.

When suffering from a personal injury, you will need an attorney who is not only familiar with local laws, you will need an attorney who has the resources and experience it takes to win. Insurance companies have attorneys who work hard to keep you from getting the money you deserve for pain and suffering. They will do whatever it takes to prove that you do not have a case and prevent you from getting compensation.

The first step the opposing attorney will take is to try to get the case dismissed if you do not file soon enough. They also try to prove that your injury is not legitimate or serious enough to warrant a trial. This is when having an attorney with the knowledge and skill it takes to start and keep a claim going is crucial. Filing a claim too late or hiring an inexperienced attorney can literally ruin your case before it even gets started.

You do not deserve to suffer from the negligence or ill intent of another. Before letting time slip by or hoping that the pain will eventually go away, give Steven A. Bagen Law Firm a call and set up a free consultation. While it is true that accidents happen, you must remember that when it happens to you, companies and vehicle owners pay for insurance. That insurance is meant to cover property damage, medical bills, as well as award personal injury victims money for pain and suffering.

Don’t waste too much time wondering about statutes of limitations or if you have a case. Contact a Gainesville personal injury attorney immediately. Remember, time is not on your side, and you must act now.

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