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8 Motorcycle Safety Tips to Keep You On the Road

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

May 7, 2020 12:25:00 PM

While cruising on your bike offers a sense of freedom like no other, it also comes with responsibility. Riding a motorcycle leaves you more vulnerable to road hazards, and, because motorcycles are smaller, drivers in larger vehicles may not see them. These seven motorcycle safety tips can help ensure every ride ends with a safe arrival home!

Motorcycle driver riding blue bike in the city street

  1. Always wear a helmet. The wind in your hair and the feel of the sun on your face can certainly enhance any motorcycle ride, but they aren’t worth your life. Protect your head from severe injuries in case the worst happens.
  2. Safety gear doesn’t end at your helmet. Experienced riders know the value of a good set of riding gear. Sturdy pants, such as leather or at least heavy denim, a protective jacket, gloves, and eye protection are all vital for your safety.
  3. Conduct a thorough check. Before you start your journey you should always check the following equipment on your bike:
    • Tires - check for signs of wear, cracks, or bulges, and check pressure or for anything that could cause a blowout
    • Headlight, taillight, and signals - make sure they’re all working, including high and low beams
    • Fluid levels - hydraulic and coolant fluid levels should be checked weekly, as well as the area beneath the motorcycle for signs of oil or gas leaks
    • Mirrors - make sure they’re clean and adjusted to optimize view
    • Horn - test the horn so you can signal someone in case of an emergency
    • Brakes, clutch, and throttle - always test to make sure they’re working properly
  4. Go out of your way to be seen. Wear bright colors. Fit your riding gear as well as your bike with reflective strips for nighttime riding. Grab a free reflective tee from us! Remember, you are smaller than cars and more difficult to spot. Help other drivers keep you safe.
  5. Drive defensively and be predictable. Other drivers need to know where you will be so they can offer you space and stay out of your way. Avoid riding in blind spots to ensure they can see you in their mirrors, and avoid sudden, unpredictable moves.
  6. Note escape routes. Should a larger vehicle fail to notice you, or should a dangerous situation occur, always know where you can steer to avoid it. Side streets, other lanes, even lawns in emergencies can all offer you an escape route.
  7. Be aware. Practice scanning the environment. Don’t only focus ahead and behind. Remain aware of what’s beside you, in your blind spots, and in your mirrors, so no surprises compromise your safety. Also, don’t ignore the condition of the asphalt ahead.
  8. Watch vehicles turning left. Drivers often dart out to make that slender opening for left turns. If you are approaching a vehicle that is preparing to turn left, watch the driver’s hands, or the vehicle’s wheels, for movement that will tell you a turn is imminent.
  9. Never drive impaired. It should go without saying, but you should never drink and ride. Further, you should never ride while drowsy or fatigued. Driving while impaired greatly hinders your ability to react.

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