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The 11th Annual Gainesville Harley Davidson Chili Cook Off Is Sure to Be a Good Time for All

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Nov 21, 2012 2:31:00 AM

On Saturday, December 1, 2012, the 11th annual Gainesville Harley Davidson Chili Cook Off will be warming the hearts and bellies of many of those that show up between noon and 4 PM. Proceeds of the event this year are donated to the American Cancer Society. Once again, live music is provided. This year’s band is “Local Traffic”.

Do not be shy, now is the time to show everybody your way around the kitchen. Dust off your mother’s old cookbook, and turn to the page of her Southern “All Fired Up Chili” recipe and get to cooking! This December’s event is sure to be your time to show everyone just how gut pleasing your family’s old chili recipe truly is. We will all be there eagerly waiting with our spoons.

For the 11th year in a row, the chili cook off will be an exciting and fun way for all motorcycle enthusiasts to help raise money for another worthy cause. This year’s proceeds will be benefiting cancer research and support.

The judge this year will be eager to taste a sample from every entry (maybe repeatedly) before making a determination of this year’s winner. Many defending champions will likely be in attendance to recoup the price for another year. Likewise, many also-rans and close runner-ups will be offering their dishes. They have likely been working to fine tune their recipes over the course of the last year, and are enthusiastically hoping to take the top prize.

With entry guidelines requiring each team to boil up at least 3 gallons of their amazing mild, hot, and “Oh Boy!” chili, there will certainly be enough available samples for everyone to take a taste. The public is invited to try out the samples (for a small donated fee) and to help participate in a variety of other fundraisers. You will be amazed at the many wonderful gifts being offered, including a raffle for a big-ticket item.

If cooking is just not your thing, be sure to head over on December 1 to have a try of everyone else’s yummy bowls of goodness. With mild to super-hot chili varieties, there is sure to be one or two you will enjoy.

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