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Auto Accidents on the Rise in Gainesville

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

May 24, 2012 5:06:00 AM

Gainesville has recently received negative publicity following a devastating pile up on I-75 that resulted in the death of ten people as well as the hospitalization of 18. This isolated incident is just one example of the increased rate of auto accidents in the area, and residents are desperately searching for answers as to why this is occurring.

One common hindrance in the Gainesville area is the low visibility during morning driving. Early morning fog is prevalent in this area, and it can significantly affect a driver's ability to see what lies ahead. In the case of the recent pile up, a mixture of smoke and fog prevented unsuspecting drivers from seeing the danger that was right ahead of them.

When facing foggy conditions, high headlight beams should in no circumstances be used as they reflect off of the fog. Gainesville drivers should also open their window to allow their sense of hearing to compensate for what they cannot see as certain noises can alert them of potential danger. In the event that a car stalls in heavy fog, the driver should immediately pull over. Lights should be turned off and the foot should remain off of the brake pedal as other drivers tend to follow the lights of those ahead of them. These tips can significantly reduce accidents.

Driver negligence is possibly the most common cause of the rise of auto accidents in Gainesville. For example, hurried drivers tend to overlook potentially dangerous situations in their rush to get where they are going. Drinking and driving accounts for around 33% of auto accidents, which is certainly disturbing. Althoug some accidents occur due to honest mistakes, most accidents could be avoided.

With the increased capabilities offered by cell phones and other technological devices, more people are taking advantage of the benefits they have to offer. While there is nothing wrong with use in itself, there is a direct correlation to increased accidents due to diverted attention. It only takes moments for an accident to occur, and a quick text message can be all it takes.

Gainesville law enforcement and other city officials are working together to conquer these problems and create the safest roads possible, however it is unreasonable to believe that they will be able to stop every occurrence. Drivers are encouraged to acquire personal injury insurance in the event that they become a victim of this rising problem.

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