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Doc Faces Drug Fraud Charges

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Dec 6, 2011 8:18:00 AM

Photo by Tim CulbertsonA prominent heart surgeon in Jonesborough, Tennessee, stood in front a judge this week accused of orchestrating a plan to use his surgical team to feed a drug habit.

According to prosecutors, Doctor William Walker wrote several prescriptions for a variety of high-powered drugs to his nurses and surgical techs. His team would then get the prescriptions filled and hand the pills back over to the doctor.

Walker faces 37 felony charges but will not spend a day in jail even if he is convicted. At most, Walker will spend one to six years on probation.

District Attorney General Tony Clark says, “Tennessee unfortunately leads the nation in prescription drugs [abuse]. East Tennessee leads the state.”

Tennessee officers note that state laws are not in tune with the growing problem because prescription drug cases are often hard to prosecute.

Doctor William Walker and three members of his surgical team were fired from their positions at City Medical Center. Although Walker’s license is still active now, it could be revoked after the case is resolved by the Department of Health.

Drug Fraud in Florida

In the state of Florida, drug fraud is taken more seriously. Stronger penalties are enforced in cases concerning “pill mills.” A pill mills is defined as a doctor, clinic, or pharmacy that distributes prescription medication inappropriately for non-medical concerns. Investigators believe that Florida has one of the highest rates of pill mills. If you or someone you love has been charged with drug fraud, contact Steven A. Bagen immediately for a free consultation.

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