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Staying Safe during Football Season

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Aug 31, 2011 10:29:00 AM

We all know that college football is huge in the Gainesville area. Tailgating, drinking, and celebrating are a huge part of the activities that go on around University of Florida`s campus during this time of year and staying safe after a big game, takes planning ahead. From allowing enough time for your tailgating grill to cool down before heading into the game or planning a designated driver to avoid being put under the pressure to drink and drive.  Younger people are more at risk to be involved in an alcohol related accident than older people.  If you plan on driving to the game and tailgating before, plan to have a designated driver to drive the vehicle home, or go knowingly you will leave your vehicle after the game and find a safe ride home.
Do not get a ride home from someone who has been drinking even if they say they are okay to drive. If you have any suspicion of the driver being intoxicated; find a new ride. Just because you aren’t the one driving does not make it any safer. Reports have shown that at least half of the deaths that have occurred due to drinking and driving accident, were the passengers in the vehicles. Always keep the local taxi cab phone numbers available in your phone, stay close to the public bus routes, and check with the university to see if they offer other options for safe rides home.  Remember, driving under the influence is no way to celebrate a big win.

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