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Keeping You and Your Family Safe on the Roads

Posted by Steven A. Bagen

Aug 30, 2011 10:20:00 AM

Local husband and wife were killed late Saturday night (August 27th) after a Williston man was traveling in the wrong direction on U.S. Highway 27.Leonel Hernandez-Ocampo struck, Shelly Mohan-Bell Roberts and husband Tracey Lee Roberts head on after traveling North, on U.S. Highway 27 South. Both Shelly Roberts and Tracey Roberts were pronounced dead at the scene while Ocampo was taken to the hospital suffering minor injuries. Charges in the accident are still pending.
The deaths were the 44th and 45th of the year on Marion County Roads, having everyone wonder what can we do to be safer on the roads? Whether you are driving a short distance from the store to home, or a long distance trip we encourage everyone to follow the simple steps below to keep you and your family safe while driving.
1.    Always wear your seat belts, as the driver and require all passengers.
2.    Do not use the phone while driving. Excluding all incoming calls, outgoing calls, and texting while driving will keep you focused on the road, and your surroundings.
3.    Be alert; don’t drive if you are feeling sleepy.
4.    Avoid speeding. Timely plan ahead to avoid being in a rush, or running late for an appointment.
5.    DO NOT drink & drive; plan ahead with a designated driver, taxi company, or bus ride.
6.    Be sure your car has been maintained. Avoiding car accidents that could cause you vehicle to abruptly stop, or break down.
7.    Block distractions. Whether it is turning off your phone while driving, or requiring your passengers to be quiet, staying focused on the road requires all distractions to be at a minimum.
8.    Don`t Tailgate. Always leave enough room between you and the car in front of you, in case of quick brake reaction.
9.    Use turn signals. Notify the cars around you when you are getting over or turning. Making other drivers aware of your actions will reduce any chance of being hit.
10.    Be prepared. Adjust your mirrors, radio station, and seat preference before putting the car in drive.

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